What Is The Difference Between The Love My Smile System & Others?

It’s a combination of years of experience, ease of application, quality of machines & professionalism.

With hundreds of machines successfully operating around Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia for many years you can be assured of getting the best results from Australia’s leading cold light Teeth Whitening organisation.

All our kits are designed for  single use per treatment with all contents completely disposable to ensure absolute  hygiene . Everything you need to preform a treatment is included in your kit making it fool proof. Each packaged kit  contains a Gel pen, lip re tractor, gloves, bib, vitamin E Swab as well as a teeth whitening shade guide.

Utilizing the latest in photo activated gel technology has allowed us to offer amazing results through Australia , New Zealand & Indonesia. The concentration levels of our active gel concentration levels fall within the recommended non dental  teeth whitening guide lines. We pride ourselves on quality at every level.

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