What Are The Risks… What Can Go Wrong?

The treatments are assisted by our trained professionals but are largely self administered, occasionally small levels of gum bleaching may occur (very rare in fact less than 2% of the time), however should gum bleaching occur , the gum colour normally returns within 20 minutes and the upside is that if you have gum disease, the gel will kill the bacteria. If you are in the minority of people who experience small levels of gum sensitivity during or after your treatment your consultant will supply you with a vitamin E swab to alleviate any discomfort.

Hopefully now you can appreciate there is no difference between Love My Smile & a dentists treatment (apart from the single treatment, convenience & cost savings Love My Smile offers)… why not book a party or visit one of our conveniently located licensed treatment centre  & get that white smile you have always wanted but could never justify at $700 plus at your dentists.

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