How Does Love My Smile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Allow My Business To Make Upwards Of $100 Profit For 25 Minutes Work & Still Be Priced At Less Than 1/3 The Price Of My Local

Simply put there is LITTLE or NO DIFFERENCE. Dentists make around $300-400 per hour no matter whether it’s a check up, root canal or teeth whitening. The profit margin for the dentist is based on an hourly charge out rate for the space taken up by the machine & the dentists or hygienists time spent administering the treatment… makes sense really.

Dependent on the system used, the only variance between other treatments & Love My Smile is that the client applies the gel themselves. Legally you are not a dentist or a doctor so they  the client must administer the treatment personally. You will however prepare everything, show them how to apply the gel & locate the machine on their behalf. Research has showed us that clients prefer this method due to “personal space issues”.

For a saving of upwards of $350, all we ask is that the client applies the gels themselves under the guidance of their consultant. The results are the same due to our  LED technology  & activated gels but the savings are HUGE!

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