How Can You Offer A Love My Smile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment At Less Than 1/3 The Price Of A Dentist…What’s The Difference?

Simply put, in most cases there is no difference… except the money saved along with the convenience of a single visit offered by our system. A dentist will always charge significantly more per hour than a beauty therapist or day spa no matter what he or she is doing,  whether it’s a check up, root canal or teeth whitening. That’s why your dentist drives a Porsche & your hairdresser drives a Corolla!

The profit margin for the dentist is based on an hourly charge out rate for the space taken up by the machine & the dentists or hygienists time spent administering the treatment.

The main difference between a dentist treatment & a Love My Smile treatment is that you, the client apply the gels yourself. All our kits are designed to be self administered with the assistance of your licensed treatment specialist. They will however prepare everything & locate the machine for you.

The other advantage Love My Smile has over other treatments (including dentist treatments), on top of the cost savings, is the simple 1 off treatment. In less than an hour you are done! No mouth pieces in over night or multiple visits.

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