Are There Dangers To Clients Or Operators?

Unlike some other treatments we DO NOT use UV light. As a result there is no UV exposure to burn or blister. The Love My Smile system uses the latest 2400 watt LED technology and photo activated bleaching gels to achieve stunning results without the ridiculously expensive prices & highlighted dangers of UV exposure!

What are the risks…What can go wrong with a treatment if my staff make a mistake? 

As treatments are self administered & your staff are assisting, the only thing that may  happen occasionally is small levels of gum bleaching may occur (very rare in fact less than 2% of the time), however the gum colour normally returns within 20 minutes and the upside is that if you have gum disease, the gel will kill the bacteria.

What are the implications should your client feel any pain or gum bleaching?

Gum colour normally recovers within 20 minutes. They can also apply the Vitamin E swabs which are supplied in each kit that can also be taken away for future use….its a nice touch!

If your client is feeling any level of discomfort pause treatment and assess, if gum bleaching is occurring apply vitamin E swap to effected area and continue on with the treatment ( remember our system is designed to be Pain Free)  If pain persist treatment is immediately stopped and client advised to consult their dentist as there is a possible underlying gum/ teeth  issue that requires professional assistance. That level of pain or discomfort simply does not occur normally; it’s an issue with the client’s gums & teeth, not the system. Never continue a treatment if your client is in pain…NEVER!

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