Teeth Whitening Pens

Metallic Maintenance Pen


We always have the metallic touch-up penwith 35% carbamide peroxide in stock . Perfect as a take-home for EVERY client. Ensures your clients achieve maximum results.

Important Note:
Dentists usually give their patients a take-home kit after the in-office treatment to maintain the achievedresults and to avoid a quick relapse. In order to avoidhaving your customer’s teeth go back to the color theyhad before the treatment, it is highly recommendedthat you get them to take a touch-up pen or a takehomekit to use every day after the treatment until thepen runs out. You can retail them for around $35.

• All our gels are dental-grade and are made in the USA
• Backed by a $4,000,000 product liability insurance policy
• MSDS sheets available for all our gels
• Free Sale Certificate to import our gel into foreign countries

Wholesale prices available for volume orders and distributors