LMS 2400 – Beauty, Brawns, Brains


LMS 2400 – Beauty, Brawns, Brains



• 24W LED lamp – most powerful in the industry • Timer on head and on body
• 2 pre-set time buttons • Solid aluminum head and body
• Ultra light-weight and small footprint • Memory function
• RF functionality • Beautiful sleek design
• Adjustable height • Remote control
• Wheel-base with locks • Available in white or stainless finish
• Optional tray • Optional aluminum carry case
• Life-time warranty*

Poised to become the standard by which all teeth whitening lights are judged, the LMS 2400 is both the most technologically sophisticated teeth whitening lamp in the industry and the most beautiful. You really need to see it to appreciate it. Even our competitors praise it in

private. The body and the head are each cut out of solid blocks of aluminum. When you touch it, you feel nothing but quality. Your customers will see the quality. Most people prefer the stainless finish as it looks more refined, but the white model has an arctic white high gloss paint that makes it look like the paint is still wet. Either one impresses, especially when compared side-by-side to other lights.


It has 8 powerful 3W Osram blue LEDs made in Germany for a total of 24W, making it most powerful LED teeth whitening light ever designed. We could have gone with much cheaper LEDs, but Osram makes the best blue LEDs in the world, and we wanted nothing but the best for this lamp, no matter what the cost. Although it was designed for the most discriminating dentists, the beauty industry is using it to impress their clients and give them stunningly white teeth. High power is important for 2 reasons: 1) for dentists it allows them to cure the gingival barrier they use more quickly, in the case of the LMS 2400 in under 1 minute, and 2) such powerful LEDs actually warm up the gel slightly allowing it to work more effectively. The blue light is cold, but the LEDs give off just enough heat to raise the temperature of the gel to the optimal temperature. These LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours, which means that if they were on 24 hours a day they would last over 10 years. Since you’ll typically only use it a few hours a day, they should last over 100 years.


The LMS 2400 is truly a high-tech product. The result of over a year and a half of intensive R&D and true to our roots as a Silicon Valley company, this is the first teeth whitening light with a computer inside. With several ports still unused on the mother-board, it allows us to add functionality in the future. It uses flash memory, which means the software is upgradeable, so when we decide to add new features this will be possible.


All the components on the motherboard are made in the USA, and our employees inspect every finished lamp before it is packed for shipping. For this reason we guarantee that the LMS 2400 is the highest-quality teeth whitening light in the industry. It is also the first teeth whitening machine to have 2 timers, one for you and one for your customer.


For situations in which you want to keep track of the amount of time your LED whitening light has been used, it has a memory function. You can clear the memory and see the total time of usage since the last time you cleared it. For people that want to ensure that only their kits can be used with the lamp, such as when you lend a salon the light in exchange for them buying the kits exclusively from you, you have the option of RF functionality. This means that we can put an RF ID-tag on each kit, and the lamp can only be activated with one of our ID-tags. In other words, your customers will only be able to use your teeth whitening machine with kits provided by you. Since the RF chip and the RF ID-tags are expensive, the price of RF-enabled lamps and the kits is higher, but in many situations it is well worth it.


In summary, if you are looking for the most sophisticated teeth bleaching light in the industry, one that is also both beautiful and very affordable, the LMS 2400 is it.

Love My Smile is offering a Mobile Teeth Whitening System as a Package.


• Wavelength range: 460nm-470nm • Total Power: 24,000 mW or 24W
• Light intensity: up to 2400 mW/cm² • Operating voltage: 12V
• Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz • External Power supply: 36W
• Weight: 5 kg


• LMS 2400 Body with Arm and Illuminator • Remote Control
• Wheeled Stand • Power Supply
• 2 Pairs of Adjustable Protective Glasses • User Manual

Optional Aluminum Carry Case

• Life-time warranty as long as you are purchasing an average of 10 Whitening Kits per month. Otherwise, 2-year warranty, the longest in the industry. • All our gels are dental-grade and are made in the USA
• Backed by a $4,000,000 product liability insurance policy • MSDS sheets available for all our gels
• CE-certified and FDA-compliant • User Manual

• Wholesale prices available for volume orders and distributors